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We are passionate about celebrating the bond that lasts a lifetime. Not only do we understand the love between you and your best friend – but also the treasures that adorn you. Petite Paw Prints specialise in creating bespoke paw print charms in deep relief, fine jewellery. Hand cast in solid gold and silver at our atelier by master craftsmen, your unique pet’s paw print charm tells a story of love suspended in time, a wearable memory that lasts a lifetime.


responsibly sourced


All of our bespoke paw print charms made from 100% recycled precious metals. Mined from the darkest depths, Gold was born out of colliding stars.

Our 9k,14k and 18k gold have been melted down and reformed. We are passionate about sustainability and want to breathe new life into existing precious metals that never loose their value. We create beautiful modern heirlooms born of colliding stars, allowing you to feel good about the jewellery you wear.

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Handmade to order

Your story starts with a simple print

Handmade to order using the finest quality sustainable materials, all of our Petite Paw Print charms are available in a range of styles to suit you. 

Once you have selected your desired jewellery design, you can then choose the size, precious metal of choice, any personalised engraving and whether you would like it with or without a chain. 

We will then send you a non-toxic print kit with clear instructions on how to take your pet's print in the comfort of your own home. The print kit allows you to take several prints and we always work with the best paw print provided. If you want to provide your own existing print we can work from that too. Simply send back your paw print and we will begin the process of creating your bespoke Petite Paw Print jewellery, a story suspended in time, just for you.

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Using the ancient art of lost-wax casting we are committed to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices at Petite Paw Prints, ensuring our quality collections are British made, independently tested and hallmarked in the UK.

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